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Evidence to the Committee of Inquiry on Industrial Democracy
submitted by the British and Irish Communist Organisation
(not dated but presumably 1976 - the Committee reported in January 1977)

A copy of this article can be downloaded as a Word document here

A 'common responsibility with capitalism' - G.D.H.Cole on the probability of a transitional power sharing arrangement
The TUC's report on Industrial Democracy - a step in the right direction
Conservative Unions - both 'right wing' and 'left wing', the major obstacle to progress.
... and Conservative Communists
Employers - a last ditch stand 'Since the failure of the Tripartite talks in 1972/74 the employers have abandoned their previous post-war strategy of compromise and conciliation and have opted to engage in class war to defend their rights and privilege.'
Conclusion - 'We have the opportunity now to wipe out the memory of past failures from Sankey to the Industry Bill, and ensure that British society moves substantially towards workers' control and socialism.'