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What Workers Control is About

The Communist case for the Bullock Report
First published in The Communist, monthly journal of the British and Irish Communist Organisation, March 1977. Republished as a pamphlet in May 1977

'the whole economic climate is now conservative, and even stagnant. The Utopian campaign against Heath, followed by galloping wage inflation and a sense of catastrophe sufficient to make possible the glorified wage freeze called "the social contract", has resulted in widespread apathy and cynicism.'

A copy of this article can be downloaded as a Word document here

Sentimental anti-capitalism - reaching the end of its tether
Democracy and order - witty and intelligent reflections from the proto-Thatcherite Peregrine Worsthorne
Power and law - pompous and historically illiterate reflections from The Times
Shift in power or 'democratic facade' - ultra-left posturing from the proto-Blairite Neil Kinnock
Worker capitalists, socialist commodities - theoretical incoherence from the Communist Party of Great Britain
The recognition of necessity - 'The truth is that working class irresponsibility is at present being caused by the fact that the capitalist continues to exist when he is ripe for being phased out. The working class is now perfectly capable of developing through the recognition of necessity once it comes into direct confrontation with it.'