New item, February 2023

Blue Labour - a review of Maurice Glasman: Blue Labour - the Politics of the Common Good 

On the 2019 election

Some reflections originally prepared for a CLP meeting in January 2020

The failure of European Socialism

On the transition from the ideal of a national economy to the ideal of the free movement of capital, goods and services.


Modern Monetary Theory
Can Modern Monetary Theory do for us what Keynes did for the mid twentieth century?

Labour and Defence

A critique of the House of Commons Defence Committee's Report on 
US, NATO and UK Defence relations (June 2018)

The 'Purchaser-Provider split' in the NHS

A brief history, 1948-2010

Liberalism and Left Liberalism

'The Socialist movement has in practice - with one major exception in the form of Ernest Bevin - contributed to the realisation of the Liberal ideal rather than the Socialist ideal.'

Industrial Democracy in Britain
Mark Langhammer argues that 'Workers’ control should be an integral part of the alternative to neoliberalism' and outlines some of the steps that are already being taken in this direction and the obstacles they face within British trade union and socialist culture.

Robert Owen

by Jonathan Morgan and Peter Brooke

Walter Citrine and Ernest Bevin

James Moher looks at the relationship between these two architects of the British Trade Union movement

The Labour movement in the 1970s

Articles on Labour and Trade Union affairs from the last decade in which the organised working class constituted a substantial force in British politics (with an afterword on the 1984 miners' strike).

The 'Broad Left' and the end of Labour politics

An eye-witness account by Hugh Roberts of the process by which a new generation of Labour Party leaders lost any sense of party tradition or of the political interests of the British working class.

British Labour and Ireland by Brendan Clifford

Brendan Clifford reminds us that the period when Labour replaced the Liberal Party as the main alternative to the Conservatives was also the period which saw the 1916 Rising, the Irish War of Independence and the exclusion of the people of Northern Ireland from the politics of the United Kingdom.


Writings by Ernest Bevin

Ernest Bevin, more than any other twentieth century political leader, established the consensus which ensured a degree of elementary decency in British politics until it was broken in the 1980s.

A Future that didn't happen

Essays by Peter Brooke on the promise of the Labour movement (Arthur Horner) and its failure (Michael Foot)