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Leaders in the heyday of Britain's unions: Walter Citrine and Ernest Bevin 

by Dr James Moher

First published in Labour Affairs, February and March 2017
The article is adapted from the author's chapter 'Walter Citrine: A Union Pioneer of Industrial Cooperation' in Alternatives to State-Socialism in Britain, Other Worlds of Labour in the Twentieth Century' (eds Peter Ackers & Alastair J. Reid, Palgrave 2016)

Citrine's early life and trade union career
Ernest Bevin's early life and trade union career
The TUC and the Labour movement
The General Strike and opposition from the Comintern
New Unionism
The 1931 crisis in the Labour movement
The international dimension
World War

The full text can be downloaded as a pdf file here

Jim Moher worked as a national legal and political officer with the T&GWU and CWU and as senior local councillor and cabinet member in Brent Borough council. He has a Ph.D. from the University of London for a thesis on The London Millwrights and Engineers 1775-1825 and is a founder member and co-ordinator of the History & Policy Trade Union Forum.