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The 'Broad Left' and the end of Labour politics

An eye-witness account by Hugh Roberts of the process by which a new generation of Labour Party leaders lost any sense of party tradition or of the political interests of the British working class.

The Rise of Student Unionism The form of politics which has taken over the Labour Party since Neil Kinnock's election to the leadership in 1983 has never been subject to serious analysis. This is the first in a series of articles in which Hugh Roberts explains how Labour has come to be dominated by a peculiar variety of student politics, and why the implications of this are disastrous.

The Student Movement and the Communist Party of Great BritainThe former student politicians who have risen to influence in the Labour leadership learned their politics in the student movement of twenty years ago. In the second of a series of articles Hugh Roberts explains how that movement was formed, what it was really about and how it corrupted the leftwing idealists who were active in it.

The Broad Left and the End of Labour PoliticsThe enduring legacy of the Communist-led student movement of twenty years ago is the peculiar form of politics known as the 'Broad Left'. In the third and last article in this series, Hugh Roberts explains the fundamentally cynical and empty nature of 'Broad Leftism' and how it has very largely destroyed the Labour Party.