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Subtitles in square brackets are my own. The full text can be downloaded in Word format here.

By way of Preface [The paradox of productive power]
I – The Crisis
[How Britain pays for her imports – The German dilemma and its effect on the British financial services industry – The American loan and the fall of the Labour Government]
II – The Gold Standard [The purpose it serves – Returning to the gold standard in 1925: the consequences of deflation – Returning to the gold standard in 1931: deflation or devaluation?]
III – The Gold Standard breaks down [Flow of gold to America and France – To America – To France – Consequences for Britain and the world]
IV – Debtors and Creditors [Lending to less developed countries: the risk of default – Impossible situation of Germany – A world conference for the cancellation of war debts and reparations]
V – What should we do? [The gold standard and stable prices at home and abroad – How to secure stable exchange rates: an international bank – In the event of failure]
VI – Bankers and peoples [Socialisation (not nationalisation) of the financial services sector – How it would work]
VII – The alternatives before us [The gods of capitalism: scarcity of goods and cheapness of labour – Socialist re-organisation of industry]

APPENDIX – Some facts and figures