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Three chapters taken from The Balance Sheet of the Future by 'The Rt Hon Ernest Bevin, Minister of Labor and National Service, and member of the British War Cabinet', New York (Robert M.McBride & Co) 1941 (later reprinted as The Job to be Done, London and Toronto (William Heinemann Ltd) 1942.

The full text of these extracts can be downloaded in Word format here.

THE JOB TO BE DONE - Speech to a special conference of TUC executives, London, 25th May, 1940

A letter from Winston Churchill
Taking on the control of industry - the Production Council
The Labour Supply Board
New training facilities
Mobility of labour

REORGANIZATION OF INDUSTRY - Extracted from various speeches given in Cardiff, Glasgow and Edinburgh, November-December, 1940
'The Great British Trade Union and Labour Movement is the machine through which I work'
Merits of the Whitley scheme of industrial negotiation - 'the beginnings of an industrial democracy'
Organisation of the labour force - getting workers where they are needed
Creating a new labour force - entry of women into the workforce
Importance of a good working environment - 'you get better discipline and loyalty with fear of dismissal removed than you do by the threat of it'

PROBLEMS OF THE HOME FRONT - Extracted from various speeches and broadcasts given in 1941
Problems in specific trades - mining, agriculture, building, shipping, munitions
Training facilities - Incorporating non-British workers
The factory and welfare board
Hours of work - Medical services at work - Seamen's welfare board
Importance of communal feeding