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Chapter I Why Wait Ten Years? These are definite proposals to deal with 2,000,000 of the unemployed
Chapter II Pensions Why not optional pensions at 60, invalidity pensions, and industrial disability pensions?
CHAPTER III Pensions for All We have pensions for policemen, civil servants, public servants: Why not pensions for all—up to the £1,000 a year class?
CHAPTER IV The School-Leaving Age and Working Hours Raise the School-Leaving Age and Reduce Working Hours ; an appeal to the Churches and to Teachers 
CHAPTER V How We Can Do It Why not a National Survey Board to cover the whole range of possible employment, pensions, and working hours 

APPENDIX I The Ways and Means of Ernest Bevin’s Proposals By COLIN CLARK Lecturer in Statistics, Cambridge University ; Prospective Parliamentary Labour Candidate, South Norfolk.
APPENDIX II Questions Answered A reply to various criticisms and suggestions
APPENDIX III A Note on Trade Unions