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The tripartite talks, 1972-3

'If the working class is to become the ruling class in a socialist society it must be capable of ruling.'

The CBI-TUC talks with the Government, October 1972

The British Road to Socialism, November 1972. A general overview arguing that in Britain the obstacle to Socialism is not the opposition of the rulingĀ class but the lack of will on the part of the working class and the failure of Socialists to persuade the working class that Socialism is either possible or desirable.

More on the tripartite talks, December 1972

The British Road to Socialism - a reply to criticisms, Feb-March 1973. The November 1972 article excited lively discussion in the B&ICO. Without publishing the 'criticisms' however much of the 'reply to criticisms' is difficult to follow. What is given here is a substantial extract on the history of the British labour movement, and the reasons why it hasn't achieved 'socialism'.

The TUC and leadership, March 1973. Where the working class find themselves in 1973.

The Side of Time, June 1973. The question of worker participation in the management of industry moves up the political agenda